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I will never forget the day my doctor uttered those horrifying words “I am sorry to tell you, but that is a cancer tumor that you have in your left breast”. I was 33 years old, and my life changed forever. I invite you to read my story, learn from it and hopefully be inspired to reach out to other young women living with and beyond breast cancer.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Strength from Friends and Family

Enough cannot be said about the strength that I have taken from my friends and family throughout this past year. My sister of course has been a constant cheerleader for me, and our daily conversations are so helpful since we are making this long journey through beast cancer together. I cannot say thanks enough to all those who have brought food for me, helped care for my son, said prayers on my behalf and driven many miles in order to just sit with me while I suffer through chemotherapy treatments. My husband has been my constant rock. He has been by my side for every surgery, doctors appointment, and chemotherapy treatment. Being a self reliant woman, at first it was very difficult for me to admit that I might need help. But once I let go and allowed my friends and family in, I realized that asking for help was not a weakness. In fact, I soon realized that surrounding myself with such kindness and generosity proved to be a wonderful source of strength. My advise to others is to reach out to your friends and family. Admit that you cannot do this alone, and just ask for help. The kindness of others, even complete strangers, never ceases to amaze me. So to all those that have helped me this past year, please accept my eternal thanks and gratitude. You help provide me with the strength and the determination that I need to make it through each day.


  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger Tera said…

    Hi Shauna, Tera from Chicago here. I understand the wonderful support a sister can be. And I also realize how much of a support you are being for every person who reads your blog. I wanted to let you and your readers know about an organization I recently became acquainted with: Imerman Angels. Jon Imerman was in his 20s when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He's been cancer-free for 2.5 years. Since then, he started this organization to connect cancer survivors with cancer fighters. The site is if you are interested. Sending healing thoughts your way...Tera


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